Quality Management Software (QMS)

Lifeguard Solutions gives you everything you need to build a culture of quality and reduce cost of poor quality

Audits & Inspections

Effortlessly complete audits & inspections across your organization. Lifeguard Solutions makes it easy to create customized audit & inspection checklists, helping you save valuable time reporting, tracking, and continuously improving with your audit & inspection data. Complete audit & inspections on any device, easily with customizable web and mobile access.

Nonconformance & Corrective Actions

Report, track, and manage nonconformances and corrective actions to comply with company and industry requirements including ISO 9001 and other regulatory standards. Conduct root cause analysis (5 Why, Fishbone, GAP, Checklist) to help improve your product quality now and in the future.

Customer Complaints

Empower your employees to have a positive impact on your customers and build strong relationships, with Lifeguard Solutions customer complaint management tools. Eliminate the inconsistent busywork of paper-based systems, centralize your customer complaint data, making it easy to act and improve on customer complaints. Measure your team complaint management process with realtime reports, dashboards, and KPIs.

Management of Change

Streamline and standardize your organizations change management process. Manage and document the entire lifecycle of a change from the time its initiated, to the request and completion of required approvals, to final implementation. Lifeguard Solutions Management of Change helps you mitigate potential organizational risks whenever a change request is submitted.

Compliance Task Management

Make it easy for your team to stay on top of all quality tasks. Create tasks for future compliance requirements, recurring audits, and use workflow automation to ensure the right people are getting the job done, when it needs to get done. Lifeguard Solutions helps you ensure that nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Reporting & Dashboards

Who said data couldn’t be beautiful? Real-time reporting anytime on any device by taking advantage of Lifeguard Solutions and the power of reporting through the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Lifeguard Solutions empowers you to create beautiful dashboards in a couple of clicks with real-time data. Export and share reports and dashboards quickly and easily so you always have up to date insights on all of your quality data.

Why Lifeguard QMS?

Reduce cost of quality, and continuously improve.

Build a culture of quality, empower your employees to continuously improve, and reduce cost of quality. Lifeguard Solutions QMS is easily configurable to ensure that you are effectively managing your entire quality process, without letting anything slip through the cracks.

Ensuring accountability at every stage of your quality process.

With role-based notifications and workflows Lifeguard Solutions helps you build a no-excuses culture of quality and compliance. Easily create automated workflows, that notify the right people at the right times to ensure that you are effectively and efficiently managing your quality processes from start to finish.

Trusted and Secure

Lifeguard Solutions is built 100% native on the industry leading Salesforce Lightning Platform. With Lifeguard Solutions, you get the power of Salesforce wrapped into a EHSQ solution tailored specifically to your organization. Our applications benefit from Salesforce.com trusted security, always on availability, performance at scale, global data centers, and enterprise compliance

Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry or lost paper forms.

Stop wasting time digging for forms that are lost in mountains of paper, filing cabinets, or spreadsheets. Complete quality tasks wherever you are; Lifeguard Solutions is available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Setup from start to finish in months, not years.

Lifeguard Solutions is the most flexible and robust solution in the industry. Our team of solutions experts can help you stand up your new QMS solution in a few months, not years.