QHSE Salesforce App Announces Expansion into Toronto

by | May 3, 2019 | PRNewswire

Lifeguard Solutions continues the rapid growth of its flagship QHSE (Quality Health Safety and Environmental) Salesforce app with its expansion into Toronto. Lifeguard Solutions has quickly risen up the ranks of the industry leaders due to the force.com platform advantage and their ability to deploy rapid upgradeable custom-fit solutions.

The Lifeguard Solutions QHSE App was developed in 2015 in partnership with Salesforce.com to meet the need for a comprehensive Health and Safety solution built nativity on the force.com platform.

The Lifeguard Solutions QHSE App enables companies to keep pace with three major shifts in the QHSE Landscape.

  • Increased workforce mobility
  • Digitization of information
  • An increasingly complex regulatory environment

The office is spearheaded by industry veterans Michael Nardi and Gavin Baboolall The office is spearheaded by industry veterans Michael Nardi and Gavin Baboolall Leadership

Mike Nardi, Director of Sales, leads developing customer relationships and strategic alliances. He has a passion to help global organizations discover, evaluate, and purchase technology solutions. He has assisted companies with Hardware/Software solutions, EHSQ solutions, and the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Previously Mike has held sales leadership roles with both Salesforce and Intelex. He brings a mature solution centric approach to business development.

Gavin Baboolall, Director of Solution Engineering, drives product development and solution engineering. He has a demonstrated history of working with top tier applications focused on continual improvement and business process. He is skilled in the 3 D’s (discovery, design, demonstrate) positioning & sales negotiation and providing value to any organization. Prior to joining Lifeguard, Gavin had key leadership positions on the Salesforce Solution Engineering team and worked in various product and business development roles with Intelex.

The enterprise QHSE Salesforce app is available on the Salesforce App Exchange

The development of the solution on the Salesforce platform ensures that the app meets the highest enterprise-level standards for security, uptime, and compliance. Prior to an app being listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, it passes a comprehensive code and security review.

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