Product Details

Product Modules

Incident Management

Incident tracking aligned with regulatory requirements

Interactive body map, injury recording and lost time/ days away journal

Vehicle and property damage assessment

Near miss and unsafe behavior observation collection


Non-conformance management

Root cause analysis

Interactive fishbone and 5 whys tools

Worksite and equipment inspections

Preventative Safety Analysis Tools

Job safety analysis

Activity hazard analysis

Utility locate

Toolbox talks

Government Forms Automation


Forms generated directly from incident data

Electronic data transmission via Salesforce open API

Capture digital signatures


Adhere to privacy requirement

Inspection Form Builder


Create custom forms using clicks, not code

Drive worksite inspections from mobile device

Audit safety compliance


Create automated follow up tasks and notifications

Real-time Analytics

360 degree view of quality, health and safety

Drive preventative initiatives

Escalation rules to automatically follow-up on tasks

Reduce cycle-time for completing corrective actions

Certification Compliance

Training & certification status by employee


Training compliance dashboard

Alerts for past-due or at-risk status


Job role competency analysis