Lifeguard Solutions announces the further expansion of regulatory content partnerships with Enhesa.

by | Dec 10, 2019

Lifeguard Solutions is excited to announce that we have established a new relationship with Enhesa to bolster our global regulatory content offering and associated audit protocols within the Lifeguard Solutions platform. Leveraging Enhesa regulatory content via the Lifeguard Solutions platform, users are able to identify and make sense of regulations and requirements, and manage unique legal register for every jurisdiction they operate in.

Enhesa is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance, providing expertise to multinational corporations around the globe. 

By leveraging Enhesa’s unique knowledge base and in-house team of EHS Regulatory Analysis, customers gain valuable insight and analysis regarding the EHS laws and legislations that affect their locations around the world.

Enhesa has been a trail-blazer in compliance and sustainability solutions for over 30 years, . keeping companies informed, providing expert analysis, deliver industry-benchmark tools and providing management support to over 500 clients. Enhesa’s mission is to partner with their clients as a complete global solution to help ensure compliance, manage risk, save time, and increase the quality and effectiveness of their EHS and Product compliance programs.

Developed on the platform, Lifeguard Solutions can tap into the global expertise that Enhesa has been able to provide.  This enables us to address an organizations compliance requirements and associated protocols on a global scale managing International, National and Regional Requirements.

Since our inception, Lifeguard Solutions has dedicated our organization to ensure the safety of every organization that we have worked with to ensure that each person can feel secure in the fact they will arrive home safely.  Building partnerships such as this can help organizations manage their environmental, health & safety compliance requirements and mitigate any risk to their employees.

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