Lifeguard Expands Its Strategic Partnerships with Regulatory Content Provider STP (Specialty Technical Publishers)

by | Dec 5, 2019

Lifeguard Solutions is pleased to announce that we have forged a new relationship with STP (Specialty Technical Publishers) to bring global regulatory content and associated audit protocols to the Lifeguard Solutions platform.

Originally founded in 1986, STP has served more than 40,000 users of varied organizational size and is specifically designed for compliance and audit managers, and professional and business leaders who want practical interpretation and application of compliance standards. STP is also building a citation library which will offer clients immediate access to the specific regulation through embedded links within the regulatory content.

Developed on the platform, Lifeguard solutions can utilize STP’s compliance database with ease.  This enables us to deliver an organization’s compliance profile and associated protocols to ensure up to date regulatory compliance audits are being conducted on a defined basis.

Since our inception, Lifeguard Solutions has dedicated our organization to ensure the safety of every organization that we have worked with.  To ensure that each person can feel secure in the fact they will arrive home safely.  Building partnerships such as this can help organizations manage their environmental, health & safety compliance requirements and mitigate any risk to their employees.

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