Lifeguard announces offline capabilities via a new partnership with Luminix

by | Dec 10, 2019

Lifeguard Solutions is pleased to announce that offline capabilities for it’s complete solution are now available through the utilization of Luminix’s Pulsar Application.  This partnership brings the Lifeguards industry expertise to an ever growing work environment requirements that include accessibility in areas that are not typically connected.

Originally founded in 2011, Luminix was developed with one question in mind; how can we solve the single major pain point experienced by the users of cloud business services – the dependency of the cloud on network connectivity?

The answer was obvious enough: a mobile and offline client that can be brought along anywhere, including to remote areas of New Zealand, small farms in Asia and at natural gas wells in the Appalachian Basin.  Luminix’s application allows you to manage your compliance requirements in the field where connectivity may be questionable or not readily available.

Developed on the platform, Lifeguard Solutions would be able to sync the necessary areas of the application to an individuals device for completion in the field.  This enables us to deliver the functionality expected in todays mobile environment.  Compliance tasks regardless of functional area (Risk, Safety, Quality & Environmental) are not a matter of convenience for when you are able to access your data.  With the addition of the Pulsar application, Lifeguard can easily provide coverage for all areas of your business.

Since our inception, Lifeguard Solutions has dedicated our organization to ensure the safety of every organization that we have worked with.  To ensure that each person can feel secure in the fact they will arrive home safely.  Building partnerships such as this can help organizations manage their environmental, health & safety compliance requirements and mitigate any risk to their employees.

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