HSE Incident Reporting and Management Software

Incident reporting and management software that’s easy to use for everyone at your organization

OSHA Reporting & Compliance

Report and track your organizations injuries and illnesses making your data readily available to ensure compliance with standards and regulations. Produce OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 incident forms electronically with a couple of clicks, not hours of time spent digging for data.

Near Miss

Report and track any unplanned event that did not immediately result in an injury or damage. Lifeguard Solutions makes near miss reporting easy, so you have all the data you need to ensure that a near miss never becomes an incident.

Injury & Illness

Lifeguard Solutions HSE empowers your organization and it’s employees to easily track, manage, and report on any incident from initial entry to completion. We help you save time doing busy work by making it exceedingly simple to properly manage your Injury & Illness reporting.

Property, Assets, & Motor Vehicles

Easily put together comprehensive reports with pictures on all property, asset, or motor vehicle-related incidents. Track who was involved, causes, cost to the business, corrective actions, and trends easily and in one place. Lifeguard Solutions makes it easy to know exactly what happened even years after an incident was reported.

Environmental Hazards & Spills

Keep your organization clean by easily tracking everything related to environmental hazards and spills. Ensure you are staying in compliance at all times with powerful reporting that allows you to compile all environmental data to ensure you are always meeting your environmental obligations.

Reporting & Dashboards

Who said data couldn’t be beautiful? Real-time reporting anytime on any device by taking advantage of Lifeguard Solutions and the power of reporting through the Salesforce Lightning Platform. Lifeguard Solutions empowers you to create beautiful dashboards in a couple of clicks with real-time data. Export and share reports and dashboards quickly and easily so you always have what you need at your next safety meeting.

Why Lifeguard HSE?

Protect your employees, customers, and business now and from future occurrences.

Build a culture of safety and compliance, Lifeguard Solutions helps you empower your organization to ensure that no incident slips through the cracks. Uncover root causes, and minimize future occurrences through corrective actions.

Ensure accountability, don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

With role-based notifications and workflows Lifeguard Solutions helps you build a no-excuses culture of safety and compliance. Easily create automated workflows, that notify the right people at the right times to ensure that you are effectively and efficiently managing your incident process from start to finish.

Trusted and Secure.

Lifeguard Solutions is built 100% native on the industry leading Salesforce Lightning Platform. With Lifeguard Solutions, you get the power of Salesforce wrapped into a QHSE solution tailored specifically to your organization. Our applications benefit from Salesforce.com trusted security, always on availability, performance at scale, global data centers, and enterprise compliance.

Save time by eliminating duplicate data entry or lost paper forms.

Stop wasting time digging for forms that are lost in mountains of paper, filing cabinets, or spreadsheets. Submit incidents wherever you are; Lifeguard Solutions is available on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Setup from start to finish in months, not years.

Lifeguard Solutions is the most flexible and robust solution in the industry. Our team of solutions experts can help you stand up your new HSE solution in a few months, not years.