Enhance Field Worker Safety & Productivity- Lifeguard Solutions with CommandWear Responder Watch

by | Jun 22, 2019

Lifeguard Solutions is announcing a new partnership with CommandWear, bringing the employee safety monitoring potential of wearable technology into the Lifeguard Solutions ecosystem.

With Lifeguard and CommandWear you are now able to collect real-time data to ensure workers are safe, prevent accidents and maintain communication effortlessly, no matter where workers are located:

Location Tracking

Automated command center safety alerts if workers enter pre-defined restricted, or potentially high-risk locations. Minimize business disruption and loss through faster and more accurate incident reporting.

Heart Rate Monitoring/Alerting

Enhanced life safety through automated alerting to command center when individual’s heart rate exceeds a pre-defined safety threshold (high or low). Automated incident reporting in Lifeguard, with first responder alert workflows.

Text Communication/Notification

Improve productivity through ‘heads-up/hands-free’ communication (including push-to-talk and voice-to-text). Reduce costs and inconvenience of equipping workers with multiple “droppable” communication devices.

Event Playback

Improve accuracy and insights into post-incident reporting (supporting root cause analysis). Save time and money on investigations and inquiry.

The Lifeguard Solutions QHSE Solution was developed in 2015 in partnership with Salesforce.com to meet the need for a comprehensive Health and Safety solution built 100% native on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. CommandWear’s software platform has powered wearable technology for first responders, security teams, and field workers since 2014

Since inception Lifeguard Solutions has been striving to continually improve on the core QHSE (Quality, Healthy, Safety, Environmental) practice areas it serves. Lifeguard Solutions’ key focus is moving the solution forward to make it increasingly easier to solve the day to day problems QHSE professionals face. Integrating the CommandWear wearable solution is an example of Lifeguard’s commitment to being an industry leader in QHSE, security, and productivity.

For more information on how Lifeguard Solutions with CommandWear can help you take safety to the next level at your organization, please contact info@lifeguardsolutions.io.

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