Advisory Board

Mike Winterfield

Mike has spent the last decade in a variety of executive roles helping companies from $6M to $300M achieve scale by building high performing teams with a commitment to core values. Whether it was turnarounds and pivots or sustaining success and innovation, high growth was achieved through navigating constant change. Leveraging 20 years in the tech industry with services companies and specializing in enterprise sales, Mike led the successful launch of a new SaaS product with $3.5M in presales. This gave him a taste of the entrepreneur’s life he had always coveted.

Now a dedicated follower, spokesperson and leader of the socially conscious concept of using business as a force for good, Mike is the CEO and founder of Active Impact Investments. He exclusively spends his time supporting social ventures by angel investing, consulting, advising and volunteering as a mentor. At the same time, Mike is raising an impact fund so that he can enlist the help of others.

In his personal life, Mike is drawn to the outdoors and new adventures and similar to his work persona, he loves to tackle new things that people describe as difficult or impossible. Challenging treks, dives, drops, marathons, triathlons, adventure races and traveling vast amounts of the globe have been crossed off the bucket list. However, with a wife and three young children, the impossible adventure has recently become simply getting out of the house.

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