About Lifeguard Solutions

“ Necessity is the cause of many inventions, but the best ones are born of desire. ”

– Guglielmo Marconi

Like most QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental) organizations born out of necessity, Lifeguard Solutions was originally developed in 2015 in partnership with Salesforce.com to meet and fulfill a need for a comprehensive Health & Safety Management Solution that was built natively on the  Lightning Platform.  Where we differ however, is our desire to genuinely help organizations leave a positive impact on their employees, families and the communities they belong to today and for future generations.

Since our inception, we have expanded our area of influence into the Quality, Supplier, Risk and most recently Environmental Management areas built on a best in class infrastructure meeting and often exceeding requirements in the areas of  compliance and security.  Our mission is a very simple one: be your own superhero and let us help your employees be the best they can be and get home safely on a daily basis.

I Am a Lifeguardian.. Are you?

The Lifeguard Solutions App enables companies to keep pace with three major shifts in the QHSE Landscape.


Increased workforce mobility

Digitization of information

An increasingly complex regulatory environment

The development of the solution on the Salesforce platform ensures that the app meets the highest enterprise-level standards for security, uptime, and compliance. Prior to an app being listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, it passes a comprehensive code and security review.


Trusted Security

Global Data Centers

Always on Availability

Enterprise Compliance

Perfomance at scale