Protect what
matters most

Firms with leading EHSQ management systems understand the workforce is their most important asset and that they must proactively invest in putting industry-leading technology solutions in place to reduce injuries and environmental incidents.

Why Lifeguard Solutions?

Reduce operational risk


Drive preventative data-driven initiatives


Reduce paperwork and time to close corrective actions

Increase inspection coverage

Automate task assignment and follow-up

Leverage tablet and smartphone technology

Business process standardization


Custom form builder


Mobile Ready

  • Digitize paper forms and enter data directly from your mobile device.
  • Capture signatures electronically.
  • Leverage technology for both a competitive advantage and cost reduction.

Real-Time Analytics

  • Generate actionable data to drive preventative safety initiatives.
  • Spot trends earlier and proactively address them prior to regulatory non-compliance.
  • Reduce reporting cycle-time from days to minutes.

Automate Business Process

  • Automated workflow notifications and task assignments.
  • Streamline procedures and worksite instructions across divisions and locations.
  • Dynamic page layouts based on the incident type and severity.

The Lifeguard Solutions EHSQ Salesforce App enables companies to keep pace with three major shifts in the EHSQ Landscape.

  • Increased workforce mobility
  • Digitization of information
  • An increasingly complex regulatory environment
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